Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you be adding more restaurants?

Yes, absolutely! Over the next several weeks, months and beyond Dine to Door  will be partnering with new restaurants and concepts. We'd like to be your one stop shop for all of your delivery and group catering needs.

2. How much is delivery?

For catering and lunch orders, the service fee starts at $4.99, depending on delivery location. We do include a 10% driver gratuity on $100+ orders. Delivery fee for evening on-demand orders start at a $4.99 fee depending on locaton.

3. Do you have an order minimum?

Yes. Our "on-demand" delivery orders have a $15 minimum for local delivery. We are happy to offer drop-off catering service to a much larger delivery area with a starting food minimum of $100. Larger minimums do apply the farther you are from the restaurant.

4. Do we tip the driver?

Yes, thank you. Your delivery driver works to insure that your order is delivered Fast, Fresh, and Friendly. While they do receive a portion of the delivery fee, they also depend on gratuities. Please keep their efforts in mind. What is appropriate? On smaller "on-demand" orders, a good rule of thumb is to think of your driver as mobile waitstaff, with the restaurant standard of 15-20% gratuity greatly appreciated. On catering deliveries, a 10% gratuity is included, which can be added to at your discretion.

5. What is the delivery zone?

We've intentionally structured the "on-demand" delivery area to be within a relatively small area, in order to provide the fastest and best service possible. With a minimum order and some notice, you can get delivery in much of greater Boston. Many catering deliveries can be arranged in as little as two hours, although a day's notice is preferred. Offerings are setup on this website by zip code... but if your zip code isn't available or you would like something from a restaurant that doesn't come up for your zip, just give us a call and ask.

6. How long will delivery take?

For the on-demand program, your order will arrive in around 45 minutes. Fast, Fresh and Friendly!. This may vary due to weather, excessive traffic, or during our busiest times. If we are running longer, we'll let you know! For catering orders we usually require at least two hours advance notice. Some restaurants, delivery locations, or very large orders may require more notice. We always suggest ordering the day before (or earlier) whenever possible.

7. What payment methods do you accept?

All major credit cards and cash. House accounts (billing arrangements) are available with prior approval.